Outback Leather Hat

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We call this our Leather Outback Hat;  it's great for Aussie or Western style.  This Leather Outback Hat has a brim with a wire inside, which allows you to bend and shape it, for the style you like.  Some people like the sides up, some like the front down, others like it more flat.  Shape it to the style that suits you.  This western style leather hat has a padded sweatband inside for comfort and comes with an attached braided band.  The back of the leather braided hat band connects with a lace, and a metallic bead.  All our Leather Outback Hats are made in USA with real leather, that's guaranteed to last.  Why pay more for a woven, or a cloth hat?  Put on one of our hats today!  


*Full Grain Leather

*Attached braided band

*Padded sweatband for comfort

*Wire inside brim for styling


Available Sizes:

*Medium Fits: 21" to 22"  

*Large Fits: 23" to 24"

*Extra Large Fits:  25" to 26"

Proudly Made in USA