A beautiful and durable Cedar Wood is obtained from a cedar tree in Middle Tennessee and cut by a local sawmill.  It is available in 1-inch x 6 inches and can be purchased in three different lengths , including 12,  24, and 36 inches.
Cedar Wood has an excellent wood grain and fresh smell. The oil inside the wood emits a slightly sweet, woodsy, and earthy aroma. It is popular for its strong, beautiful, and aromatic characteristics. It is lightweight, stable, withstands various conditions, and doesn’t decay, warp, swell or shrink under severe weather. It is a porous wood and is sound resistant. The large proportions of cell cavities are filled with air and have high thermal insulation. It is also a natural insect repellent and controls pests like cockroaches, moths, ants, and termites. It is pitch and resin-free and thus is easy to finish. A regular application of the sealer can help to retain its stability and color.
Cedar Wood is a non-toxic alternative to chemically treated wood. It’s a popular material for the interior and exterior of homes and can be used for a wide range of purposes, including decoration, craft, and building projects. We offer free shipping on this product.