Greetings From Exodus-OutdoorsUSA

Time passes so quickly, so in order to catch up we’re going ahead with a March/April newsletter.

Jerry is working on his barn.  He has been working on this for two and half years now, and it is amazing to watch the progress. I am claiming the loft for our future Glamping evenings. Milton is truly a beautiful place and I will reap the benefits of my husbands’ labors.                                                                        

We still have plenty of gloves and coveralls for all of your outside chores. These are of sturdy materials and paired with our shop aprons, you should be set for any task. Be sure and visit our website.

Our backpacks are still on sale and we have dropped our prices on several items.

We know the dollar is hard to earn, and easy to spend, so we always pride ourselves on buying the best for the dollar. Made in USA is always priced a little more, but a whole lot more quality. We are always proud to ship a product that we know to be worthy of its price.

Our newest items will be Tee Shirts coming soon. I am so happy, mainly because they are of attractive colors with several sizes. We hope you will get a lot of mileage out of them.

A little note, today we were contacted by a customer that our payment source was not working. We‘d like to thank her and we have now corrected the problem. In the future we will be switching payment sources to give you a more pleasant shopping experience. Please forgive our growing pains.

Thank you for your orders and we hope to see your name pop up soon.

Jerry and Aleta Daugherty