Red Flame Leather Guitar Strap

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This leather guitar strap definitely embodies the Rock and Roll spirit! This black leather guitar strap has a flame cutout (red flame cutout) that gives it a style that's truly unique. This leather guitar strap is made with thick, wide leather for comfort and it works for either acoustic or electric guitars. It has holes for guitar pegs or you can use the included lace to tie at the head, if your guitar doesn't have a peg in front. Our American made leather guitar straps are of exceptional quality, with double thick leather for a strong strap that won't stretch. (Shades and textures of leather may vary from picture)

If you cherish your guitar, what a beautiful strap to accompany it. 


*Full Grain Leather
*Flame cutout
*Holes for guitar pegs
*Leather lace to tie at the head of the guitar
*Adjustable length
*Works for Acoustic and Electric guitars

Measures: 2 ⅜" W
Adjustable Length: 53" to 44.5" L

Made In USA