Classic Leather Tri-Fold Wallet (Black)

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This style Bi-fold wallet is Premium top-quality leather hides from the SB Foot Tannery in Red Wing MN. These are all Full Grain leathers that have an Exotic-Finish with a polished surface that results in a beautiful, classic-looking leather that adds elegance to your wallets. 

This classic bi-fold leather wallet has a cash compartment, two card pockets open from the top with an extra pocket underneath, and on the other side three card pockets that are open from the side. Our American made bi-fold leather wallets could last you longer than any wallet you've ever owned. 


*Black Premium (Full Grain Leather From the SB Foot Leather Tannery in Red Wing MN USA)
*Cash Compartment 
*Three card pockets open from the side
*Two card pockets open from the top with extra pocket underneath
*Plastic picture insert included

Measures: 4.25" L x 3.75" W folded

Proudly Made in USA