The Best Leather Straps to Go with Your Guitar

The Best Leather Straps to Go with Your Guitar

Oct 10th 2022

There is no replacement for a well-made leather guitar strap regarding actual quality. The same goes for comfort. Nothing beats a broad, cushioned leather strap when it comes to comfort.
Also, style and durability are other factors you should consider when opting for a leather guitar strap. There is no point in purchasing a red leather guitar strap that is not durable.

Which Leather Strap is Best For your Guitar?

Here are some of the best leather straps to go with your guitar:

1. Moody Leather Straps

Going up a notch to the boutique level, Moody Leather also produces some of the best guitar straps currently available. Although they are not inexpensive, with prices starting from $195 and $200, they are the preferred strap for many prominent artists. Allison Suter founded Moody Leather after initially learning to work with leather by making a deer-leather jacket for her fighter pilot father, Richard Suter, who owned the nickname "Moody."

2. Franklin Straps

You can't go wrong with Franklin Straps if you want something a little classic and old school. If you close your eyes to envision a classic leather guitar strap used by George Jones or Merle Haggard, you will most likely picture something similar to a Franklin Strap. Franklin Straps are fantastic pieces of art that come in various styles. You might get something better than Merle Haggards or George Jones's.
Also, several series are available, including chrome, carved latigo leather, suede, southwest, and graphic.

3. Levy's Guitar Straps

Levy manufactures some of the most popular leather straps, which range in width from two inches to three and a half inches. They're also foam-padded and frequently feature an outer surface of boot leather with an inner surface akin to soft, velvety leather. You can find Levy's tooled leather guitar strap.

According to many guitarist reviews, Levy's straps are well-made and will last as long as most guitar players use them. Levy's also has a soft suede design that is quite pleasant, along with an Italian glove leather model. These are different options from the boot leather and garment leather combo.

Remember to inspect the ends and buttons for wear of whatever strap you choose to complement your guitar. Nothing is more annoying than having a worn strap pop off a button when you're playing.


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